• The beautiful Lake Kournas, 82 km from Pela Mare
  • The mountains of Crete
  • A beautiful Cretan beach from above
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Nature & Thrill Seekers | Places to visit

The impressive gorges of Crete invite even the novice hikers, to hiking explorations, through lush vegetation and cool waters, waterfalls, and ponds. In the prefecture of Heraklion, you can enjoy canyoning in the masses of Psiloritis [Gafaris Gorge with small waterfalls, Rouva forest] and the Asterousia Mountains [Agiofaragos, Martsalou]. A beautiful hiking trail includes the Gafaris Gorge, the Rouva Tree Forest, and Lake Zaros Votomos [about 70 km from Pela Mare].

The beautiful Lake Kournas [82 km from Pela Mare], a NATURA-protected area, is impressive and offers magical images. Many choose to swim or ride a pedal boat in its calm waters.

Lovers of speleology and Greek mythology should definitely visit Diktaion Andron at an altitude of 1,020 m., in Psychro Cave [Lassithi plateau, 73 km from Pela Mare], where according to mythology, Zeus was born from Rhea, and the Ideon Andron in Anogia, at an altitude of 1,498 m. [60 km from the hotel], where Zeus was raised, guarded by the Kourites.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, there are several floating explorations for diving in beautiful seabeds and swimming in emerald waters. The island of Chrissi or Gaidouronisi, in the Libyan/Southern Cretan Sea, is like an exotic paradise. From the northern Cretan side, the uninhabited island of Dia is accessible through day trips organized by sailing boat rental companies, either for diving in the extremely clear seabed or making romantic cruises at sunset.

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